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The Late R.M. O’Toole B.A., M.C., M.S.A., C.I.E.A. 

Ros was a State Examiner (UK) since 1992 and an experienced teacher, lecturer, consultant and author of 15 maths books. She became a member of the Society of Authors and an affiliate member of the Chartered Institute of Educational Assessors.

From an early age, Ros’s father, Jack Tumelty, encouraged in her a love of mathematics. This stayed with her. Later, as a teacher, she saw a need for specifically designed maths books to teach and test. Teaching gave her hands-on experience of helping pupils of differing abilities, thus enabling her to design the material in
graduated order of difficulty.

Also, examining taught her how to test and set objective questions appropriate to the level of study. Over a period of more than 30 years, she has written copious notes to help pupils. Keenly aware of problem areas, she devised ways to solve them. That is how the ​books and material on this website came into existence.

Help for you with maths
This is not just maths, this is a complete self contained programme – unique in its kind, starting before age 9 and tapering off after age 18 – integrated in graduating order of difficulty, that should help you meet the insatiable demand for maths both in the UK and the rest of the world using online technology. It is based on the UK National Curriculum.
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Get a head start on your revision by downloading our world class maths e-books today. We focus on mathematics as it's a subject that's particularly challenging and a lack of confidence can result in poor outcomes. All our maths e-books are written to enable students to grow and learn the subject in manageable chunks - fostering a positive mindset and developing a greater level of self-belief.

Maths for pupils ages from 9 to 18

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Maths is a required subject for most careers.

Our material has been carefully 
crafted to help you realise your ambition 
to achieve in maths.

"I touch the future.
I teach."
Christa McAuliffe (1948-1986)

"...for the things of this world
cannot be made known without a
knowledge of mathematics".
Roger Bacon



1. QUALITY: you have the reassurance of working with quality maths. 

2. TESTIMONIALS you can see the enthusiastic testimonials from    
other users of the material.  Some of the material previously 
existed in paper format.

3. CONTINUITY: covers all levels from age 9 up to 8 (Key Stage 2 up to A Level).

4. A REFERENCE RESOURCE: at the touch of a button, an in valuable maths resource
 from Key Stage 2 (age 9) up to A Level (age 18) can be yours.

5. FAST: you download the maths material straight in to your computer and either
  • Save it.
  • View it on screen.
  • Print off on paper and use it later.
  • No waiting on the post man.
The Maths Material is designed to test the objectives of the UK National Curriculum in
accordance with the guidelines laid down by the Department of Education.

7.  CAN BE UPDATED MORE EASILY: to reflect changes because it is in eBook format, when
compared with old-style paper books.

8. ROAD-TESTED: the maths material is the product of more than 30 years' teaching, note taking,
review and examining experience.

9. EXTENSIVE: the whole package (in downloadable eBook format) consists of:
  • Teaching Texts: Key Stage 2 (age 9) to A Level (age 18)
  • Practice papers (with fully-worked answers) from Key Stage 2 to GCSE Level.
  • Examination-style tests (with fully worked answers)
  • Thematic book focused on areas of known difficulty namely:
Encyclopaedia Of Mathematics from Key Stage 2 to A Level
FREE STUFF: to get a flavor of what we are offering, see our free samples which you can download.


Summary of Maths Program including over 100 products covering Age 9 to 18 Integrated and in graduated order of difficulty (based on UK National Curriculum) 


"… very well received by parents, teachers and pupils …'
'… self contained …'
'… highly structured…'
'… all children including the less well able are helped…'
'… to develop concepts through a series of clearly defined steps…'
'… increased confidence for pupils…'
'… parents find user friendly as worked examples are given…'
'… language and notation are simple and clearly defined …" 

For maths for 9-11 year olds Extracts from a head teacher's letter

"… the material describes the working out in a way that is easy to understand 
The worked examples are laid out very clearly…" 

From a 10 year old pupil (boy)

"… simple and easy way to learn maths …'
'… careful explanations of each topic …'
'… also questions to make sure you know and understand what you have learned, and each question has a worked answer to check everything you have covered …'
'… so you are never left without any help …" 
"… easy to understand …'
'… clear and concise …'
'… thoroughly recommended …" 

From 15 year old pupil (boy)

"… GCSE Mechanics was very helpful …'
'… clearly explained and easy to understand …'
'… well laid out …'
'… well structured …'
'… I would not hesitate to use these again …"

From 16 year old pupil (girl)

"… may I put on record my appreciation …'
… your material… gave me help and reinforcement…'
'… increasing my confidence to pursue my maths…'
'… I am enjoying life at University …" 

19 year old (student)

For Algebra and Advanced Subsidiary 

… Thanks for a great product. I'll be back! ... 

From Open University student

Exam preparation

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Gain the confidence you need for your exam. For aspiring students we have a variety of maths revision e-books on subjects such as algebra, trigonometry and calculus. 
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A selection of our maths e-books are provided in the popular ePub format, making them compatible with computers, tablets, and mobile phones. They are available on iBooks.
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At we provide world-class maths revision e-books and support materials.  We welcome enquirers from parents, schools, and higher education institutes looking for maths textbooks. 
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Maths revision e-books written by experts

The mathematics material available on this site represents almost 30 years of teaching, observing, note-writing, reviewing and examining experience. It was first published by the Mathematics Publishing Company in 1996 and has been updated and extended on an ongoing basis ever since.

Covering students through Key Stage 2, Key Stage 3, GCSE Maths A Level and beyond, our Maths e-books have helped hundreds of students become comfortable and confident before their exams.

All our maths material is published by the Mathematics Publishing Company.
At we understand the difficulties people can face in life
 if they aren't comfortable with mathematics. All our products are designed to help you or your child
 learn the best way to revise and achieve success in maths.

“Good numeracy is the best protection 
against unemployment, 
low wages and poor health.”

- Andreas Schleicher, OECD.

Start your journey to maths success. 
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 GB O’Toole B.A (Hons.), CertPFS (known as Barney)

Commercial Director
Founder. In 1996 Barney started the Mathematics Publishing Company to publish his wife’s work, maths for 9 to 18 year olds. With the advent of new technology the business morphed into and now publishes Ros’s work directly onto e-reader devices such as the iPad, etc.

Barney came to the commercial sector from a finance background as an executive in the UK Civil Service. From 1986 to 1994, he trained, qualified and practiced in a brokerage as an Independent Financial Adviser. He started his own financial planning business in 1994, working from home. In 1997, he moved the business to No.45.  

D. Tumelty 

Denise is a computer specialist and provides assistance with the everyday running of the site.

RM Dobbin

Robert specialists in systems. He provides support to the website on a multilevel basis.
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